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Welcome to the world of Hemp Genetics International (HGI)! We focus on developing industrial hemp genetics for grain production.  We supply farmers and processors with regionally adapted hemp grain varieties to help reduce production risk and to help grow this exciting new industry. 

We have been conducting agronomic research and actively farming industrial hemp since its re-introduction into Canada in 1998.  Back then, Canada imported varieties from Europe, and farmers struggled to work with non-adapted varieties (way too tall!) in a market that was primarily interested in grain. Recognizing that trying to grow dual purpose (fiber and grain) varieties would be a barrier to the growth of the hemp grain industry in Canada, we started to develop hemp grain varieties that farmers could grow using existing equipment on their farms.  Since then, HGI has contributed significantly to the growth of the Canadian hemp grain industry through improved varieties, advanced seed technology and a greater understanding of sound agronomic practices that help make industrial hemp a “farmer friendly” crop.

Note to Non-Canadian producers.  HGI respects the international treaties on plant genetics and the laws of sovereign countries in respect to industrial hemp cultivation. More Information


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