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With beginnings in 2002, and incorporation in 2008. The goal of HGI remains development of  the best, high yielding regionally adapted hemp grain varieties.



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Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance



Examples of Hemp Uses

Hemp Seed Product Uses

Dietary Fibre
Non-dairy Milk and Cheese

Hemp Oil Product Uses

Salad Dressing
Dietary Supplements
Body Care Products

Hemp Fibre Product Uses

Pulp and Paper
Recycling Additive
Automobile Parts
Animal Bedding and Mulch

Meet Our Team


Kevin Friesen (P.Ag.)
Vice President of Operations

Kevin is a Professional Agrologist and a pedigreed seed grower with over 15 years of experience growing industrial hemp. He started growing hemp on his family farm in 2001. A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan (B.S.A), Kevin has worked in both the hemp fiber and seed industries for over 20 years. He has many years of experience in all aspects of hemp agronomy, hemp food processing, and quality control. As the VP of Operations for GHI, he is responsible for the daily activites of the company.

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Garry L. Meier (P.Ag.)
President of Operations

Garry was born and raised on a farm in Northeastern Saskatchewan. Garry obtained a B.S. in Agriculture from the U of S in 1976. He started farming in 1975 and, at his farm's peak, grew 17,000 acres of cereals, oilseeds and legumes. Garry also has a large part in the development of no-til farming and mid-row fertilizer placement practices on the Prairies, helping innovate and promote the practices in the 1980s. He later advised Bourgault Industries of developing modern equipment to implement no-till techniques. Garry is responsible for overall group strategy and overseeing business divisions.

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Kendra Meier (P.Ag.)
Director of Operations

Kendra has been working with hemp since the age of 10 when her father started to farm hemp in 1998. Kendra obtained a B.S. from the University of Victoria in 2010, and then completed a M.S. in Plant Genetics from the U of S in 2016. Kendra is a Professional Agrologist and has been working with growers for the last 5 years with hemp agronomy and licensing across Western Canada. She leads the daily operations for the agronomy and grain logistics teams.

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Jeff Kostuik (CCA)
Director of Operations, Central Canada, US & International

Jeff has always been involved in agriculture and began his passion for hemp almost 20 years ago when he started researching hemp agronomy and managing verital trials for Manitoba Agriculture. Jeff studied agriculture at the University of Manitoba and in 2012 obtained a BGS from Athabasca University where he graduated with distinction. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and is a member of the Manitoba Institute of Agrologists. Jeff is also a director of the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance where he currently holds the position of chair of the Research committee.

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Alden Braul (A.I.T.)
Organic Production Specialist

Alden grew up farming in southern Alberta where he developed a keen interest in agriculture. Alden has a B.Sc in Agriculture from Universtity of Saskatchewan and M.Sc. in Agriculure from the University of Manitoba, and has spent over 15 years working on overseas agriculture development projects. Prior to joining HGI, Alden was managing organic research trials at the University of Manitoba. Currently Alden conducts organic hemp research and manages components of the HGI pedigree seed production program.

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