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Farmer Friendly Grain Varieties


Hemp Genetics International is constantly researching and developing ways to make hemp production "farmer friendly". A farmer friendly hemp variety must be high yielding, and easily harvested with conventional equipment commonly found on today's grain farms. To be farmer friendly, hemp must be as easy to grow, harvest and store as any other crop option available to the farm. Also, the varieties have to be acceptable by the processing industry and the end consumer.

Our HGI pedigreed hemp seed varieties are adapted to a wide range of growing conditions and climate zones for both conventional and organic production.


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Note to US Producers
HGI respects international treaties on plant genetics and the laws of sovereign countries in respect to hemp cultivation. 
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2015 Hemp Grain Varieties


• Shortest stature moderately largeseeded variety currently on market (16gm TKW)
• High yielding
• Moderately short season ~ 103+ days
• Best suited for dryland central & northern prairies
• Seeding rate ~ 25/lbs/acre



• Large-seeded (17gm TKW) / High yielding
• Moderate season ~ 105+ days
• Best suited for dryland south & central prairies
• Slightly taller than CFX-2
• Seeding rate ~ 25/lbs/acre



• Very large-seeded (18gm+ TKW)
• High yielding
• Full season ~ 110+ days
• Best suited for southern prairies and heavier soils
• About 6+ inches taller than CFX-1
• Seeding rate ~ 25/lbs/acre


SSNS-1 Fababean

• Small seeded fababean
• Green manure plowdown variety
• Highest nitrogen fixation efficiency of any annual or perennial legume
• Seeding rate ~ 90/lbs/acre
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Now Commercially Available PICOLO, KATANI, GRANDI

HGI is pleased to announce the arrival of three new short stature high yielding
industrial hemp grain varieties. Features include a higher harvest index (higher
grain yields on shorter plants) resulting is easier harvesting and fiber management.
All three varieties have increased flexibility for harvest (swathing or straight cutting).
These varieties all exhibit significantly larger seed size, improved weed control
options, and a stable low THC content.

• our shortest variety with moderate seed size (13gm TKW)
• designed for irrigated and northern production regions
• Slightly shorter than CFX-2

• slightly taller plants with larger seed size than Picolo
• seed size (15gm TKW)
• designed for organic and central production areas requiring larger seeds and slightly taller stature.

• similar stature to CFX-2 large seeded seed size (17gm TKW)
• designed for southern and central production areas, and areas with heavier soil textures.